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What is WSIC ?

WSIC is referred to Weiss Schwarz Indonesia Community. Weiss Schwarz, which will be explained in detail below, is a kind of trading card game produced by Bushiroad, a certain company from Japan. We WSIC are a community that's still new in terms of age, in which the community were built around 1 year and a half ago, starts on from Jakarta. There are around 200 and more players right now in Indonesia, in which around up to one-third to half of them are regular players, while another 1/3 part are active players. The cities where most players gather are Jakarta and Bandung, while Jogja, Semarang, Surabaya and Solo is following after them. The community develop pretty fast during the last 6 months, so it's good to know there'll be more increasing players.

This forum is, forum for all members in WSIC?

This forum is used to gather all WS players in Indonesia, while it's still okay for other foreign player to join. The language that can be used here are mainly Indonesian and English, while it's still okay for the members here to use any other local and foreign language, such as Japanese and Malayan; however, please do mind to be considerate of others if u decide to post on any other 'foreign' language, in this case, we encourage members to put important posts in English, for our own convenience. For further explanations regarding 'language', please read Rules & Regulations, which will be available soon enough. Let's continue, as we all know, this forum were existed and died after the lousiness of activities here, before we moderators, who is called the student council here, are concerned about the limitation of the features in the FB group. Therefore, we encourage all players to check this forum more often since it is why the forum is all about.

As for your info, since this forum is just revived a few minutes ago, there're still many empty field in the forum, but we'll fill them in soon enough. For the old threads, please check them in the recycle bin, while players, please register once again, since I decided to erase all data of the members here (including myself) for more convenience and restructure the new forum. As for the student council, there'll be more people joining us soon, since there's 'reshuffle' of the member here. We feel sorry for the older student council members, but this is one of the steps that we're going to do to make this forum keep on living. The new moderators will be called-up soon. Thanks for your cooperation.

P.S. There's this new Newspaper Club as a new section for those who want to join :3". Oh yeah, me almost forgot, Happy Valentine and Have a Good Day, everyone!




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Post by nazekazune on Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:47 pm

Long Live, Weiss Schwarz Indonesia Community !! Very Happy

Whoah, This forum sure changed a lot since the last time i'm here... It's merrier ! Shocked
But sadly.. i don't see other senior member like nggakboleh or HaruhoKaiser Sad
I hope Weiss Schwarz Player will increase so i can play with them ! Razz


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